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Confidence is a Daily Practice

Confidence often comes and goes throughout our lives. Taking confident approaches to daily practices is so important for kids' success.

The more kids see that maintaining their confidence is the key to moving forward through life, the better equipped they will be to handle the ups and downs as they grow.

  • Communicate

    The way kids talk to themselves matters. Practicing assertive communication skills, positive self talk, and discovering creative outlets help kids connect to those around them.

  • Aspire

    Kids are great at dreaming. Learning to plan, organize, and take action will show them how to turn their intentions into reality.

  • Relate

    To build healthy relationships, kids need to believe they are likeable and worthy of friendships that feel nurturing.

  • Energize

    Having time alone and time with others helps kids to manage their energy levels and moods. Being mindful of how their choices affect their energy will help kids to feel their best more often.