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Are you ready to get off the "do-more-parenting treadmill?"

Do you long for your kids to more fully step into their confidence?

The Confident Kids Club gives your kids the tools to help them regain their confidence when life knocks them down, as well as daily practices to help them maintain a more consistent belief in their abilities.  Instead of feeling like you need to do more to help your kids when they are facing hard times, you can take a guilt-free step back while giving them resources to step forward.  You can lovingly cheer them on knowing that you being on the sidelines is the key to them being more confident.


Do you ever say to yourself:


My kids are bright and capable, I know they can do this themselves if they just try.

My kids need to be nicer to themselves, how can I help foster their self-compassion?

My kids are drawn to screen time, how can I encourage them to spend more time outside, moving their bodies?

My kids only give me short answers when I ask them questions. How can I get them to tell me more?

My kids avoid or get frustrated doing schoolwork, how can I help them to feel more motivated?

I notice my kids let their friends take advantage of them. How can I help them set boundaries?

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There are four key elements that help kids to be more confident. Each week receive activities that will build your kids’ ability to:

  • Communicate so they can feel seen, heard and known.
  • Aspire and create a vision of their future selves and what they want to do in life.
  • Relate and make friends with others who share their interests and values.
  • Energize by being aware and managing their mental and physical well being.


  • Feeling great as a parent, knowing that you are giving your kids regular practice at the skill of confidence.
  • Having more great conversations with your kids with less effort.
  • Seeing the kids in your life working on discovering their interests and setting goals for their future selves.
  • Watching your kids learn how to best connect with others in a community oriented space.

This membership puts kids at the center of their own lives, empowering them to discover their spark, know and remember their strengths and step out of their comfort zones.  Parents will receive reminders and resources about how to step back so that kids can take age-appropriate steps towards independence.

How it Works

The Confident Kids Club is actually two memberships in one! Each week both the adult and the kids will get confidence building resources and activities. The recommended ages for our membership is 6-12.

The adult will receive materials each week that could include:

  • A parent affirmation
  • Supper conversation starters to get kids talking during mealtimes
  • Confident Kids Books suggestions
  • A themed Confident Kids checklist
  • Access to an exclusive Facebook membership group

The kids will receive materials each week that could include:

  • An affirmation
  • Notes to parents cards
  • A confident kids collector card
  • A confidence scale
  • A meditation
  • A movement activity
  • A friendship activity
  • A nature activity
  • A literacy activity
  • A once per month Zoom meetup for kids in the club to share their experiences with each other

 Join the Confident Kids Club Now!

Delivery Details

  • The adult contact for the membership will receive weekly emails delivered on Mondays with links to the adult resources and kids activities.
  • Some materials will need to be printed out.
  • If you don’t have access to a printer, you can opt to have materials mailed to you for an added cost to the membership.
  • Parents will be invited to a private Facebook group where they will be able to ask questions and share their experiences.
  • Kids will be invited to an optional monthly peer sharing session to be hosted on Zoom.


What subscription packages do you offer?

Month-to-month, 3 month, 6 month and 12 month. The membership begins on your registration date so you can join in at any time.

Can I cancel my subscription at any time?

All of our subscriptions automatically renew. If you cancel, you will continue to receive your materials for the duration of your current package, after which your subscription will not renew again, and you will not be charged again.

What language does your membership materials come in?

Materials, videos and support are offered in English only.

It is a virtual membership, does that mean all the activities will be done online?

We realize that kids are spending more time online than ever before. The activities that will be delivered to your inbox are designed to be done offline. They are meant to inspire time away to spend time away from screens and distractions so that kids can build confidence by connecting to themselves, peers, parents and nature.

 Join the Confident Kids Club Now!