Winter confidence, not holiday chaos

Do your kids get a bit over-excited with the coming holiday season? Do you wish that you could direct their hyper energy into building their confidence so they can ask for what they need?

Yes! Get the Confidence Bundle!

The Winter Bundle lets you print a month's worth of fun, creative, confidence-building activities for kids aged 6-12. These 70 pages of ideas will inspire your kids to brainstorm, believe, and create while you are getting things done.

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Why Confidence?

Kids' levels of confidence can come and go, but when kids develop positive practices of taking action despite their failures & fears, their belief in themselves grows. Around the holidays there are a lot of changing circumstances and different routines.  Giving kids fun exercises to remind them of their abilities to make choices for themselves will help them to feel more empowered.

The 4 Keys To Kids' Confidence

There are four keys that help kids unlock their confidence, and the Winter Bundle was constructed with these in mind.  Kids need to be able to:

⭐️Communicate so they can feel seen, heard and known

⭐️Aspire and create a vision of their future selves and what they want to do in life

⭐️Relate and make friends with others who share their interests and values

⭐️Energize by being aware and managing their mental and physical well being

The Winter Bundle includes:

⭐️Positive self-talk activities


⭐️Winter themed greeting cards and notes

⭐️Winter themed coloring pages with keys to confidence

⭐️Winter themed take-action tickets

⭐️Gratitude exercises


⭐️Conversation starters

⭐️Goal-setting and planning exercises

All this in a printable PDF


Imagine heading into a holiday season knowing that your kids will be channeling their extra energy into building their confidence.  Imagine your kids having fun thinking about what they can do to contribute to co-creating a wonderful December. Imagine them learning skills to help them manage their energy over the holiday season.

Get your bundle today and help your kids step into winter confidence!

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Meet the Creator of the Confident Kids Club

Hi my name is Carletta Shannon. I am a Life Coach for Kids and the creator of the Confident Kids Club. I offer programs and materials that parents can use to help kids grow their confidence. I believe that communication strategies, goal setting, social skills and energy management are the keys to helping kids reach their full potential. In my work with kids in recreational and educational settings, I have seen first-hand the power of encouragement. I live in Ottawa, Canada with my husband and two daughters (11 & 13), who I have homeschooled for the past 8 years. I also have two cats and a dog who add extra love to their happy home.