Capture Kids' Confidence!

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Capture Kids' Confidence!
4 Daily Practices to
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Confidence can come and go at a moment's notice. That's why it is important to have a toolbox of fun, easy strategies that you can pull out when kids are feeling down on themselves. Sometimes all it takes is having someone remind you of the best parts of yourself.

In this Free 4-day challenge we will cover:

  • Day 1: Positive self-talk strategies for kids
  • Day 2: Ways to get kids excited about their future
  • Day 3: Helping kids navigate friendship red flags
  • Day 4: Tools to encourage kids fo rest and recharge
You will also have access to:
46-Note Book
Through short daily videos and simple tasks, you will learn practices to increase your kids' confidence regularly.
Get support and accountability, and have some fun in the Champions of Confident Kids Facebook Group.
Confident Kids Journal Prompts
Continue to build your kids' confidence post-challenge with these parent/child journal prompts.
I'm Carletta Shannon, and I'm a confidence coach for kids. I'm passionate about helping kids to express themselves, think about their future, connect with people around them and manage their energy levels.

My educational background in Communications and experience working with students with learning disabilities align closely with my lifelong hobbies of education and self-improvement. I am a home school mom of two, and love witnessing their challenges and wins on a daily basis.

I know first hand how moments of fear, failure and self-doubt can grow into something bigger if they aren't nipped in the bud. Everyone experiences ups and downs in their confidence levels. That's why it is important to have easy, fun ways to boost your confidence when you are feeling low.

My superpowers are empathy, optimism, and patience. I can help your kids tap into their superpowers!